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re: There are many opinions on the internet, if you search a little you can find sites and documents that say the opposite of what I said as "The Compu...

"The Computer Journal 31(5):457-464" which dates back to the 80's where the screens were still cathode ray tube

True, there's also that to consider, LCD screens are not the same as those in the 80s. It would be cool if someone were to invest in a serious study. In the meantime we have to remember to take brakes to avoid straining our eyes, regardless of which color the chosen theme is ;)

In conclusion I agree with you that it can be totally personal opinion, I did this theme because I prefer to have a dark theme instead of a light one, so I shared the theme, so those who prefer a dark theme do not have to wait for it to be officially released and can install it in a few clicks.

It wasn't intended as criticism, your post is valuable for those who want to activate a dark theme in the meantime. I just jumped on the opportunity to talk about this aspect (bright vs dark theme) that reappers from time to time.

Thank you!

Light affects your internal clock, affecting your sleep. I believe it's blue/cold light that does this. Changing the color profile on your displays later in the evening to warmer colors helps reduce strain.

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