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I Built a referral laravel package

Hello All, this is my first article but bear with me as I am not a pro yet in writing especially technical documentation.

Recently at my work, I encountered a task to create a referral system to be used inside a laravel application we are developing for a client, and I thought hmmm? is a referral system a unique thing? of cause it is....! will I need this functionality in other projects or it may help someone else? after I concluded that this might be someone interested in then I created the package for it.

I wanted something that you can install like composer require yegobox/referral and be good to go! the package comes with its default layout that you can place anywhere in your app to get a referral button and a dashboard layout to show how much you earned using your referral code.

the package has two referral strategy and you can customize it from config file which strategy you want to use within your app.

I hope my first article as not as boring as it sounds, please give me feedback.

if you are interested in contributing to project please head to your contribution is welcomed.

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