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Become a technical mentor at Gaza Sky Geeks third annual women’s inclusivity hackathon

Gaza Sky Geeks is organizing their third annual women’s inclusivity hackathon in Gaza on December 5-8. They want to recruit a team of mentors to come to Gaza and support the teams during the hackathon.

Are you a developer or designer -- or do you know any amazing developers and designers -- who would be interested and able to make the trip out to Gaza and participate in the hackathon as a technical mentor? is part of the Mercy Corps

To apply:

A few notes:

You have to pay for the flight to Tel Aviv yourself, also you have to take care of a visa for Israel. Your stay there will be paid for (sleeping arrangement, food etc). Basically this is voluntary position.

To find more information about what it takes to be a mentor:

This page also has information about the safety of Gaza.

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