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Making a custom CrUX Dash shortcut in Chrome

Rick Viscomi
I work on web transparency projects like the HTTP Archive and Chrome UX Report. I work towards a faster, better web for everyone.
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Configuring the shortcut

The CrUX Dashboard is a really easy way to see how real users experience the web, with data available for millions of websites. For developers who want to quickly jump into the CrUX Dashboard for a website, I made the CrUX Dash Launcher, a tiny web app that takes an origin and redirects you to its dashboard, by taking advantage of URL parameters.

Now there's an even easier way to launch into a customized CrUX Dashboard, using Chrome search shortcuts. Setting it up is almost as easy, as I've done here in under a minute:

Here's how to set it up yourself:

  1. Go to chrome://settings/searchEngines
  2. Click Add and enter the following URL:
  3. Set the search engine to CrUX Dashboard and the keyword to something unique and easy to type like cruxdash

Chrome search shortcut for CrUX Dashboard

Now you can start typing cruxdash in the URL bar, and after pressing the <Space> key, it should prompt you to "Search CrUX Dashboard". Enter any website's origin (scheme, subdomain, and domain), eg, and press enter to be taken directly to a custom CrUX Dashboard for that website. Voila!

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