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Affected by the layoffs or looking for jobs?

The year 2023 began on a bad note for tech workers globally and 91 companies have laid off more than 24,000 tech employees in the first 15 days this month, signaling worse days ahead.

About 24,151 tech workers lost their jobs, dominated by companies like Amazon, Salesforce, Coinbase, ShareChat, Goldman Sachs, and others, according to

I just want to tell them that you are not alone in this journey.

💥 Hoping those affected by the layoffs or looking for jobs can benefit from it 👇🏻

Top 6 websites for remote work opportunities 👩🏻‍💻

⚡️ Pangian - REMOTE WORK: Jobs, Companies & Remote Talent - 121 Countries -

⚡️ WeWorkRemotely - We Work Remotely: Remote jobs in design, programming, marketing, and more

⚡️ ARC - Find remote developer jobs at fast-growing tech companies

⚡️ Remotive - Remote Jobs in Programming, Support, Design and more

⚡️ JustRemote - JustRemote

⚡️ AngelList -

Top 6 websites for freelance/part-time jobs ⏳

⚡️ Freelance - Trouvez les meilleurs Freelances et PME avec

⚡️ Upwork -

⚡️ Solid Gigs - Get Freelance Leads on Autopilot

⚡️ Snagajob - Search Full Time & Part Time Jobs Hiring Near You

⚡️ LinkedIn - LinkedIn: Log In or Sign Up

⚡️ ServiceScape - ServiceScape | Find Your Freelancer

Top 6 websites to prep for coding interviews 🖥

⚡️ LeetCode - LeetCode - The World's Leading Online Programming Learning Platform

⚡️ HackerRank - HackerRank

⚡️ HackerEarth - HackerEarth | Helping 5M+ developers level up and 1000+ recruiters hire top tech talent.

⚡️ Codewars - Codewars - Achieve mastery through coding practice and developer mentorship

⚡️ CodeChef - CodeChef | Competitive Programming | Participate & Learn | CodeChef

⚡️ CodingNinjas - Coding Ninjas

Top 6 salary negotiation tools 💰

⚡️ Comparably -

⚡️ Levels - | Salaries & Tools to Level Up Your Career

⚡️ Salary - – Unlock the Power of Pay

⚡️ Glassdoor -

⚡️ Payscale - Payscale - Salary Comparison, Salary Survey, Search Wages

⚡️ PaycheckCity - Self-service payroll that is right-sized and right-priced for your small business

Top 6 Job search tracker 👍

⚡️Huntr: Huntr - Job Application Tracker & CRM

⚡️Teal HQ: Teal: Career Growth, On Your Terms. Track and Manage Job Search Applications

⚡️Jackfruit: JackFruit - A Job Application Tracker Tool. Track and Organize Your Jobs

⚡️SkillSyncer: Free ATS Resume Scanner | SkillSyncer

⚡️JobScan: Job Tracker by Jobscan


Please share this with your network so more and more people can benefit from it! Also, reach out to me for any resume or interview guidance.

Let us help more folks get hired 💪

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Molly Grant

I know another very good job search platform Personally, it was easiest for me to look for it there, a very convenient service. As a UI / UX designer, I managed to find a job in 5 days, for example, it didn’t work out on Linkedin. Highly recommend