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Whats the single, most important technical advice you would give to yourself if you managed to travel back in time right before starting dev.to?


I can be pretty hard-headed when it comes to people giving me direct advice I didn't ask for, so there's a chance I'd ignore my own advice 😁

But if I were to...

A lot of my hypothesis along the way have been pretty good. While we've made a lot of detours along the way, no one thing strategically was bad enough to take us way off pace. I have some hypothetical separate directions which might have been way better than the current path, but no way to know if they'd be better.

But here's the one thing I'd do:

Open source the app from the beginning.

This is something that didn't even occur to me early on, but it's something I could have done. We're gradually working to open the app, but it would have been way easier to do that from the beginning.


lol, I wanted to give this comment one like but it always counted down, now it shows -12?! xD

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