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Wau Ϝ Wow

Let me introduce you to Wau,
Your new favorite of all numbers
For many a different reason
But here's only some for now
I could keep going on
But post limit encumbers

Here's one:
One is wau choose wau
And another:
One is wau factorial
Zero over one's infinite sum tower
Is really just a wau memorial

If I've compounded your interest,
e to the two i pi is wau.
But it gets better,
e to i to the e i o
Finds its shelter in e to the wau
To the tau wau wau

If you're dumb-founded, just reinvest
First, throw away your calculator,
As a log of a wow base breaks it
Next, buy a fractal exponentiator
And let's say the wau takes a hit
Then it still gives just another wow -

Makes no more sense than Brexit

A wow spiral definitely curls into its lone shelf
Allow trials infinitely, it unfurls its own self
It's not just maths, even physics gets wow help
Einstein's E to the wow over MC squared
Is wow to the two, but this news never aired
Maybe since its a con split personality 0 and 1 shared

Yet it's so uber cool no math lover hates it.

Vi Hart's con that inspired this wau wau wow poem:

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