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Discussion on: I'm an Expert in Memory Management & Segfaults, Ask Me Anything!

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I apologise for making such a long comment chain.
I have now made a gist of running the launch file through valgrind in

And the above comment is the output after i terminated the process manually.
So what do you think of now?

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Jason C. McDonald Ask Me Anything • Edited

Did you write the launcher script, or is that third-party? It's clearly written in Python, and the issue is definitely there. I just can't narrow in on the specific issue, because the memory issues are being thrown by the interpreter (e.g. at 0x41964F: PyObject_Free (in /usr/bin/python2.7)). That indicates that something odd has been done within the Python code, but I won't be able to diagnose this further without really fully understanding the launcher's source code, and I'm afraid I don't have time to learn it.

If this is third-party code, open an issue against the launcher project, and include the above output of Valgrind.