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What is the Google Summer of Code (GSoC)?

Rishi R
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To Understand GSoC, we must first understand about Open Source and Open Source Organizations. In layman’s term, open-source software is developed by people around the world for people around the world, which means any person around the globe can contribute to the open-source software and anyone can use it for free of cost and the open-source organizations of that particular software manages it.

Now as we know how tremendous open sources are, Coming to GSoC, it is a program organized by the tech giant Google every year to promote and develop Open source to the students across the globe. Google selects insightful open source organizations around the world and resourceful students for the particular organization. Every organization has a particular number of projects in which students get to develop and contribute to it with the help of their respective mentors allocated to that project, students and mentors get together for around 2–3 months and complete developing their particular project. Students will not only be benefited from the immense amount of knowledge and community bonding; they will also be receiving a handsome amount of stipend depending upon their region.

Coming to the application, every organization has its own set of rules for applying which students should get to know by the means of community bonding, in general, for the year 2021, the application process for the students begins from March 29th till April 13th. Students need to prepare a detailed proposal including the details of the project, timeline, schedule, test cases (if any), qualifications of the students, etc. All the applications should be submitted to the official website of the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) in the specified timeline, all the applications are subjected to the approval of GSoC and the organization teams.

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