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Mobile apps have become a vital component to capture the wide market that is swiftly shifted to smartphones. Mobile application development plays an important role in all the industries to increase the visibility of the brand and also its sales. The mobile application is the top user interaction medium that aids the business owner in increasing sales output. Whether it's booking a flight, ordering your favorite food, chatting with your close ones or booking a ride, mobile apps play a crucial role in the modern-day lives. Mobile applications are at your fingertips for productivity, enjoyment, and utility purposes.
The advantages of having a mobile app include,
Real-time customer interaction.
Easy access from anytime, anywhere.
Quick, effortless, and easy to adapt.
Easier payment options.
Realtime information option for users about new products and offers.
Continuous customer service and support.
Stay ahead in the race as wider audience are covered.

What does it cost to develop a mobile app in Bangalore?
If you are calculating the mobile app development cost in Bangalore without having the proper knowledge of its features then it is impossible task to get the accurate result. Best mobile app development companies in Bangalore like Brillmindz evaluate many factors before mentioning the actual price. The cost of application development varies in accordance with the various factors below:
1.Business Engagement model:
Business model is the top priority behind the cost of application development. It is dependent on factors like,
Duration of the project (Short, medium or long term)
The platform used by your target customers.
The intensity of your requirements and scope change.
Type of product you are selling.
Devices that need to be consolidated to give a reactive app.
Free or Paid application.
Third party or your own product advertisements.

You need to have proper and fixed answers to all these questions in order to get the cost estimation of your app, as all these above factors have a direct influence on the final cost. Also having a best vision before starting the development of the app will avoid any pitfalls in later stages of the process.
2)Type of platform:
Next important step in deciding the development cost is choosing the type of platform. Majorly it is reliant on whether you need a native application or a hybrid application. A native application is dependent on platform and can only run on a particular platform like Android or iOS. But hybrid applications can run on various platforms.
Android is the hugely utilised mobile operating system across the world and majority of business owners opt for Android apps. But, the development cost of building an Android application can be a bit on higher side when compared to IOS. JAVA being a heavy programming language needs more lines of codes that will finally increase the total duration to complete the process. Also, as number of devices are more, testing will also be a tedious job.
The programming languages like Objective C and Swift, that are utilised for creating an IOS app are less complex than JAVA, that also requires less lines of codes to be written. Thus, the time and cost for total development of the app comes down. But the hourly rates quoted for IOS application development may be higher than Android.
Hybrid Application:
Hybrid apps are one of the best options to lower the app development costs. They can run on many platforms, as a single set of code will perform on different platforms. Hybrid apps may have few features less than that of native apps, but if you have a tight budget then they work very handy.
3)Features included in the app:
If you are planning to include any features like,
With or without a web server,
To include any third-party integrations,
Admin dashboards,
Makes use of hardware components like Bluetooth and GPS etc.

These feature related factors in your apps will have an influence on total cost of your app. It is always better to have a complete vision of features that are required in the app decided in the scope of work.
4)Visual Design:
The first impression is the best impression. It will have direct impact on increasing your brand publicity and growing it to a next level. As there is lot of competition in the app market, this can turnout to be a maker or a deal breaker for your organisation. The more engaging and appealing the app is, more are the probabilities for a customer to stick on to it. Nevertheless, to build visually rich apps, more effort has to be put in on the development process, that will increase the total development cost too.
5)Paid apps, free apps or e-commerce?
Free apps generate cash via different ways like sponsorship, ads and email marketing etc. E-commerce apps rely on either by selling their own products or get commissions from various sellers linked to the application. Paid applications will get advance payment through downloads. So, the total revenue generated is largely dependent on the amount of time the application is downloaded from the store. Therefore, setting the correct price for the app is very important. You need to perform competitive analysis and thus determine the customer's eagerness to pay and download your application. This helps you to fix a perfect price for the application.
A best mobile app development company is reliable, has skilled and technically expert mobile app developers who have transformed a good business idea into a wonderfully working mobile app. As a leading mobile app development company in Bangalore, Brillmindz utilises the agile software development methodologies for building successful mobile applications that provide swift performance, exciting UI and highly interactive user experience. With an exact blend of technology and business experts, we constantly make a genuine effort to keep our customer's brand ahead in the competition. If you are searching for a trusted and output-oriented mobile app development company in Bangalore, then contact us at info@brillmindz.com.


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