creating the meditation app like headspace

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Meditation is the real need of the hour in year 2020 considering the facts of pandemic and economic situation around the world and the job losses and for the reason of pandemic the general tendency is finding the mobile alternative for every thing and HeadSpace is the app for the meditation and other activities,BrillMindz as a Top Mobile App Development Company In Bangalore have all the capabalitites to build the app like headspace

What all to be considered while building a app like HeadSpace?

Have a business idea

List down what all verticals you will be targeting with the app and some of the verticals 
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that you can consider are
Mental health tracker
Weight loss meditation
Sleep Guide meditation
Meditation app for the beginners
Breathe meditation app
Walking meditation app

Get the platform right
The platform on which you develop the app is very important,android and ios are the most targetted platforms you can also make a native apps but when you select the platforms you must be aware of the cost of development also

Right interface
Since the idea is to build the a meditation app the interface must be very light and easy to use so that the users should not get stressed using the app

Make it Wearable compatible
The idea of developing the app is to drive the customers and not to loose the customers and with the technology growing day by day in terms of wearable device and foldable device it is very important for the app developers to be updated and move with the technology, If the app developers are frequently updating the app to the technology the customers will not move out of the app

Create a vast list of programmes
The customer usually dont come for one option for a app so it is very important for a app developers to have a large list of programmes for each option available so that you can hold the customers by giving them multiple programmes
Features to include in the meditation app

Sign in and sign up
User Profile
Meditation programs
Onboarding tutorial
Sleep stories
Push notifications
Search bar
App localization
Play a meditation session
Live Streaming
Estimated cost for development for app like headspace
The cost for development of any app is based on the team ,platform of development and the sources and these factors vary from one app to another app since the cost of the app also varies on the length of the app
The growing demand for the app like headspace is growing with the increasing customers and BrillmIndz, as a Top Mobile App Development Company In Bangalore can develop these kind of apps with ease


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