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How to make a app like Khatabook

Khatabook,a ledger book kind of app,developed by AppAnnie,mainly targeting the small to very big shops in India,for the maintaining transaction between the customer and shop vendor,is gaining the huge popularity with high downloads on the google play store.We at BrillMindz a Top mobile app development company in Bangalore competent enough to create these kind of apps.

Payment dues are most common at bill payment for various reasons and shop vendors usually maintain a hand book to record these dues,maintaining the hand books has many disadvantages,be it page being torn or a book being lost.Apps like Khatabook wipes out the disadvantage by maintaining the digital records

How should be the digital ledger app like khatabook be working?
A easy to use interface,all the process must be made to the point considering the instance of how a shop vendor should use when app is installed .An entry should be made either the phone number or the emailid for registration and verification,verified,the name of the business or business owner is entered for the identity,option to add the customer number where the number of customers are added, customer is added there process is split into two for each customer added,”customer Dues” and “advance payment by customers”.Each customer data is stored with in the app. Click on a customer added , if he has a due click send the notification about the dues either through whats app or through message is made available,considering the dues cleared by customer,notification for customer saying “dues cleared” should be sent and also updated to shop vendor and that is not allover

Companies developing this kind of app should also have the digital payment option where the customers with dues can pay through third party apps or through net banking or through card 

How to earn money by making Khatabook Kind of app?
The most reliable way you can earn is through In App Ads and you can allow ad to run on the apps . If you have a chance to put up the ads of good brands then the revenue would be more higher

What is the cost involved for Khatabook like app?
The cost depends on the size of the team,time involved and the infrastructure which differ on the reputation of the company, a startup can develop for a less cost,reputed companies might charge you more with good support

When need a app like Khatabook,consider BrillMindz Technologies, top mobile app development company in India,we develop the apps faster,with end to end support

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