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Toggle between special Fn keys and standard Fn keys [MAC]

riyaz profile image Riyaz Mohammed Ibrahim ・1 min read

MacBook keyboards hidden(combined) the function keys under Mac hardware keys like brightness control and volume control, so if you want use function keys we should hold special fn key before pressing any of fn keys.

Being a developer I prefer to use fn keys without pressing fn however when I'm not developing I prefer standard hardware keys like screen brightness and volume.

Mac has a setting which allows us to change this behaviour but its tedious to toggle between these two regularly, so I have created a Alfred script to ease this.

With this Alfred workflow you can toggle between both the keys right from wherever you are, give it a try.

Alfred Workflow - http://www.packal.org/workflow/toggle-fn-keys-standard-keys

Tip :

Assign alfred keyword which starts ! or # for easy access to all your frequently used scripts at one shot, refer screenshot

My Alfred Screenshot

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Do you know github.com/Pyroh/Fluor ? It's a quite cool tool for solving this "problem".
Anyways cool workflow πŸš€