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WhatsApp Online Monitor

WhatsApp Contact Online Monitoring Tool

When your Contact be online 🤳 on Whatsapp 👀 get notification 🔔 in your Desktop 🖥️ and cross platform notification without any installed app in Smartphone 📱

Demo Link:

Link to Code:

How I built it: I had used javascript to get text of online in whatsapp web using document.getelementbyClassName('').innerText for Notification to cross platform using ajax to send post request to server and server push web notification to subscribed devices to client.

Recently i started to save history online and see history anywhere and anytime. i use Django rest framework to build rest api to save online data to server after this using data analysis present statistics of data using highchartjs

Milestone: I started this OpenSource Project when i was entered in final year [August 2019] and now i am graduating [August 2020 hopefully]. i used just simple python script using automatic testing framework selenium library that time it was simple and basic you have to open chat then start from terminal after this i added Desktop Notification in ubuntu using libnotify then i added one more features voice notification using espeak then after sometimes i added No GUI only terminal based QR code will generated and open in your Default Image Viewer then i started to figure out how can we save session. I successfully run script in aws/gcp first just run in your local and save all your whatsapp session and cookie then upload it on cloud and use it.
Now i want to get notification on my smartphone and script should be running 24/7 on cloud so i just used notify-run python library to get Cross-Platform Notification using Web Push Notification. In January i started to built chrome extension including all previous features in python script. I learned js from FreeCodeCamp and Now its full fledeged extension and Awesome many Github users generating issues and feature requests. Now 2 days ago i used Django Rest Framework to built rest api to save online data in server and using data analysis to show useful information like maximum online duration , hourly open whatsapp and duration to represent this iinformation in web i used highchartjs.

Summary of TimeLine:

  1. 1st week August 2019: Simple Python Script No Automation
  2. Last week August 2019: Enter Name in terminal and search
  3. 2nd week September 2019: Desktop Notification Ubuntu LibNotify
  4. 3rd week September 2019: Voice Notication e.g. Rizwan Whatsapp is Online in WhatsApp
  5. 1st week October 2019: Full Terminal (headless mode) Based No GUI even QR Code will generate from terminal scan and auto closed QR Code
  6. 2nd week October 2019: Saved WhatsApp cookie and session No need to scan QR Code every time
  7. 4th week October 2019: Used this python script on aws ec2 successfully run on terminal using ssh
  8. 2nd week November 2019: Successfully added Cross-Platform Notification features. You will get Notification in smartphone when someone will be online on WhatsApp.
  9. 4th week December 2019: Tkinter Based GUI Desktop Windows App
  10. 1st week February 2020: Browser Extension using js
  11. 3rd week June 2020: Save Online History Data to Server

Thank You for reading my Post Please visit repo for more details.

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