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KVision v3.8.0 is released

KVision is an open source web framework created for Kotlin/JS. It allows developers to build modern web applications with the Kotlin language.

I have released KVision 3.8.0. The highlights of this release include:

  • added new className parameter to all DSL builder functions for better React-like HTML markup

  • simplified state binding functions

  • added root panel container types from Bootstrap 4.4

  • upgraded dependencies: Coroutines 1.3.6, Spring Boot 2.2.7, Jooby 2.8.2, Bootstrap Select 1.13.17

  • bugfixes and improvements for different components

For more details about this release see the changelog.

I've also started implementing RealWorld Example App with KVision. The work in progress codebase is available here. This implementation will show how to build more complex apps with my framework (utilizing routing, redux store, rest calls with coroutines, serialization and authorization). The plan is to create 100% compatible frontend application first. And when it's ready, I plan to implement fullstack version as well.

Don't forget to ⭐️ my project if you like it!

Any feedback is appreciated!

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