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Discussion on: Explain Redux like I'm five

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Richard Kichenama

Imagine standing in front of a store window. With nothing set up, the state of the window is empty. The manager wants a fancy display every morning, so you put a few fancy looking empty shelves behind the glass. Later, the manager gets the idea to show off new products when they come in, so for each type of product, you need to decide how and where to place it on one of the shelves, what to do when there are too many items, no items of a type, and so on. Let's call this the setup. This happens every day after you get to work so you can see the shelves at the beginning of the day to make this first update.

Again, the manager has something to ask you. Now, it is possible to get updates during the day on changes to the products and new items in the store, so instead of just getting a list once of all the changes, each type and each product can get a change during your shift at work. You make sure that you can either reach out to the manager or they can push over to you any kind of update for you to run through the setup you created before.

The window is the store, having the fancy shelves is an initial state, getting an update from the manager is an action, the setup are the reducers, and the process of getting the update are subscriptions.

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Ben Halpern