Native App Vs Progressive Web App

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Native apps have been built for Android or iOS devices. They have been developed as per the platform guidelines and have been customized perfectly to match the target OS. While building native apps, developers make use of frameworks, libraries, and native tools. The most significant features of the native apps happen to be their high performance as well as satisfactory communication with the device hardware.

In spite of all these advantages, it is quite costly and time-consuming to develop native apps. Moreover, developing a native app implies emphasizing on only one-half of mobile users who might be either Android users or iOS users. For this reason, one particular native app will not be able to appeal to a lot of users out there.

Because of this, the developers and business owners are trying to find some solutions for building more inexpensive and profitable apps that will work with any device and any platform. One of the alternatives has been the progressive Web apps.

PWAs or Progressive Web apps are actually fully functional applications that appear like the native Web apps. In fact, an app-like UX is being used by the PWAs for offering app-style navigation and gestures. Moreover, they are going to work on every device since they have been developed for the web.

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