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9 websites you should know as a software developer

After showing you which books I really like I prepared several webpages which are good to know as a programmer. Here they are:

  1. Tutorials point -

    You can find here tutorials for all programming language, technics, algorithmic topic and basicaly for everything what you can need. Next to programming topics there are several other topics as well (like marketing, communication etc.). This tutorials are usualy really good start points.

  2. Code project -
    A nice page, collection of articles in technical topics regarding programming. There are a lot of good articles, it’s having frequent updates.

  3. Stack overflow -
    I think everyone know stack overflow. Any programming issue you have the chance is here the highest to find a solution.

  4. DEV Community -

    This is a quite cool developer community with a lot of interesting arcticles and a lot of good comments. You are free to write articles and pop up any topic.

  5. Exercism - this page you can develop your coding skills by solving tasks. Your solutions will be reviewed by the mentor team and you are getting a lot of useful advices. If you feel yourself advanced enough you can join the mentor team as well for specific programming languages and you can support the learning period of others.

  6. Simple Programmer - This is a nice blog with a lot of high quality posts. Technical topics, career development and soft skills are envolved as well.

  7. The dev coach -

    An other blog focusing mainly on the necessary soft skill set of programmers.

  8. LinkedIn -

    This is the other page which is most likely known by everyone. This the best place for networking. The best place to start if you are searching for a new job, but you can get informed from here about conferences and other events as well. You can get good connections if you wanna start your own buisness. If you are filling your profile you will get a lot of relevant message quite soon.

  9. Meetup -

    If it is not enough for you to build your connections online join the, find the next events which are happening at your place and has an interesting topic, attend them for free and get familiar with other developers who are living and working in the nearby.

These were my suggestions, feel free to extend it in the comments section!

All the best,

Relaxed programmer

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