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Discussion on: Quickest Way to Secure API Keys on the Frontend (In Minutes)

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Rob Sherling • Edited

I understand that a few other comments have brought this up, but I feel like you haven't really addressed it:

I think it would be a good thing for you to state either at the beginning of the article that you work for this company.

I understand that this is supposed to be a guide, and that you have a few people sharing the same account. Regardless, you are promoting the use of your product on a public forum.

I'm already skeptical about how much this product could help, but it seriously increases my skepticism because there was no real transparency that you benefit from people signing up.

I think that offering a security service without being transparent is a bad look, and I would seriously consider editing the article and putting a clear disclaimer that you benefit from people using the service.

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It's literally posted by the company lol. What more do you need? A guide made by the creators of the product.

What's got you skeptical or confused lol.

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The problem is this:
"A guide to the product made by the creators of the product"
"How do you solve this problem quickly and easily? Well our product is the way to go!"

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KOR Connect

Hi Rob,

It was mentioned previously when others shared your same concern. We posted this under the KOR Connect organization as a group collaboration, so that more than one team member could work on it. The KOR Connect organization account has the team members listed within the group; we published the article by KOR Connect in the KOR Connect organization, we had no intentions of misleading anyone regarding whether the company published it. We were given the suggestion to list the contributors, we will be doing that from now on, as well as to prevent any confusion in the future we will publish the articles on an individual account within the organization. Apologies for any issues this may have caused.