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Discussion on: I'm a programmer changing jobs in Japan. This is a list of all the stuff I've learned on my job hunts.

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Rob Sherling Author

"HR is just deciding everything using random buzzwords like passionate fullstack blockchain"

  • This is HR at its worst. The same happens for recruiters - if your applicant is skilled, they will know when you don't understand what you're saying/looking for. It isn't a good look.

The first hire being the hardest makes sense to me. After that, I wish they would use that hire to hire other people!

Of course, on the other end, I know dynamite recruiters and HR that are phenomenal with this stuff and have a grasp on what technologies they use and need, and a 10,000 foot view of what they all do.

Is there anything in the freelancing article you'd like for me to touch on, specifically?