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Am I right in thinking then the Deno Land registry is no longer using that JSON config file?


Hey Rob 👋

Yes you are correct - the Deno Land registry is now not using the old database.json file. In fact the file was deleted completely 3 days ago by the core team in this PR --> github.com/denoland/deno_website2/...

If you had a module previously on the registry using the database.json file then it should still be available provided it had a tagged version. I believe modules without tags / versions which were on the registry will be removed within the next 30 days if a new version is not published using the webhook approach - so it is advised you migrate modules to using the webhook asap! See below for an example warning message from the registry:

Deno registry warning for modules without tagged versions

The official (and afaik only) way to now upload modules to the Deno Land registry is via webhooks as per this article (and instructions also available on the deno.land/x page itself).

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