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I am a developer with a passion for testing. I've been coding for 14 years and I want to share my experience and learnings with other developers to help them write better software.

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Solution Architect

How to Handle the Emergence of Complexity in Software

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8 min read

How to Write Tests in Deno

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The Code Maintainability Test

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How to Add a GitHub Actions Badge to Your Project

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How to Easily Add JWTs to Slim PHP

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What I've Learnt In 10 Years as a Developer

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The Law of Minimum Cost

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Why Tech Projects Fail: Management, Planning, Process

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How PHP Type Declarations Actually Work

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Five Tips for Aspiring Tech Team Managers

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Four Security Principles That Software Developers Should Follow

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How to Create a JSON Web Token Using PHP

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Why You Must Always Follow Test to Break Principles

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Juniors Literally Can't Write Switch Statements: What Senior PHP Developers Need to Focus On

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What Are Code Reviews?

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Why The Right Code Tests are Important in Interviews

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