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Perl Mojolicious Hypnotoad Change Port

Hello. I am new to Mojolicious. I am trying to change the port in the full app mode. W\Web server is Hypnotoad. In the examples I see reference to a configuration (i.e. myWebSite.conf) yet when I use

mojo generate app myWebSite
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then it produces a YML file (i.e. myWebSite.yml). When I try to update the yml config file with example code from conf files I get errors.
I have tried:


- 9b2a56894703626d68a8d6bc347c4efcxxxd17fx

app->config(hypnotoad => {listen => ['http://*:8083']});
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Does not work.

I have tried:

secrets => ['9b2a56894703626d68a8d6bc347c4efcxxxd17fx'],
hypnotoad => {
listen => [''],
workers => 10

Does not work.
The script file is:

```#!/usr/bin/env perl

use strict;
use warnings;

use Mojo::File qw(curfile);
use lib curfile->dirname->sibling('lib')->to_string;
use Mojolicious::Commands;

# Start command line interface for application
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The error is:

alpha@localhost:~/myWebSite/script$ hypnotoad myWebSite
Can't load application from file "/home/alpha/myWebSite/script/myWebSite": Can't load configuration from file "/home/alpha/myWebSite/myWebSite.yml": CPAN::Meta::YAML failed to classify line 'app->config(hypnotoad => {listen => ['http://*:8083']});' at /usr/local/share/perl/5.34.0/Mojolicious/Plugin/ line 19.
Compilation failed in require at (eval 102) line 1.
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Sebastian Riedel

The config file has to be valid YAML.