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Rob Levin
Rob Levin

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AgnosticUI—One stylesheet…all the frameworks!


Check it out here: AgnosticUI Site

💥 Easily build design systems that works in React, Vue 3, Angular, and Svelte!

🙌 Semantic and accessible HTML

💪 Unprocessed decoupled CSS

⚡ One stylesheet per component propagates to all framework

🖌️ Synchronized theming via CSS custom properties

Built with 💛 by Rob Levin

javascript #css #uicomponents #ui #design

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Adam Crockett

Okay okay let me get this straight, this is the UI framework for people like me who change thier mind alot about stack!

Actually this is really good timing, the Svelte project I talked about ConfigureGator is in need of a ready to use UI which is something I was going to do tonight, I am inspired by IBM Carbon who also for something abit like this but I love the simplicity of your one and I'm sure it's light weight compared!

Also I saw you are an illustrator by night, snap but I am a 3D artist and model train enthusiast too

roblevintennis profile image
Rob Levin

I haven't been doing illustrations for the past couple / few months. But yes, I love that (probably more then coding haha) but it's basically a passionate hobby that I maybe get 3-4 gigs a year for. I have absolutely no 3D skills 😄 but I appreciate the skill and creativity involved there!

In regards to AgnosticUI, you'll notice it's missing certain components that a robust library has. I have plans to fill it out through to this summer (you can pretty much see my intended roadmap in the github project/issues) and I'll be avoiding the really complex components like date pickers and data grids. Supporting 4 frameworks is already enough complexity to handle so I'm keeping it closer to components you'd see in BS then Material or Ant (if that makes sense).

I wrote an article on a couple days ago that goes into depth how I set up AgnosticUI:

How to Make a Component That Supports Multiple Frameworks in a Monorepo

It's basically a how-to but you can skim it too and see how AgnosticUI was basically set up.

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Nwanguma Victor • Edited

I love your UI library, for the following reasons:
Like you said its framework agnostic, I like the fact that you can even use it in vanilla html projects.
I like that the library doesn't use css-in-js libraries, because no mather how they improve the developer experience, just like everything good it comes with its own drawbacks.
I like that Its uses raw css, so its easy to integrate in existing projects.
I like that its easily themeable just using css variables (Just like Ionic framework, which I'm using right now).

Its also seems like its follows this approach: Simplicity is better that complexity, why try to abstract something when its okay the way it is.
I will definitely try this out, and preach about it. Happy New Year 🥂

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Rob Levin

Wow, this is really nice to hear Victor. It seems like AgnosticUI is making sense to you and you definitely grok the main things I was shooting for. Please look for a article to drop literally any minute now which will basically set up the same "monorepo shell" and show exactly how AgnosticUI is set up (but it sounds like you may already have figured that all out!).