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Angular Tests

I'm trying to figure it out why I'm getting DISCONNECTED while running my tests.

So I did this to see what's been tested:

npm i karma-spec-reporter --save-dev


plugins: [require('karma-spec-reporter'), ...],
reporters: ['spec', ...],
specReporter: {
    maxLogLines: 5, // limit number of lines logged per test
    suppressErrorSummary: true, // do not print error summary
    suppressFailed: false, // do not print information about failed tests
    suppressPassed: false, // do not print information about passed tests
    suppressSkipped: true, // do not print information about skipped tests
    showSpecTiming: false // print the time elapsed for each spec

And added this:
captureTimeout: 210000,
browserDisconnectTolerance: 3, 
browserDisconnectTimeout : 210000,
browserNoActivityTimeout : 210000,

browsers: ["Chrome-headless"],
customLaunchers: {
    "Chrome-headless": {
        base: 'Chrome',
        flags: [

And still, this damn thing it's not working... 😡

Avoid karma tests running twice on autoWatch
autoWatch: false,

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