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Discussion on: Should I use Linux?

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Rocky Kev

I'm very similar! Pure Windows background, web developer.

I figured out all the work-arounds to get LAMP sites working on Windows that errors didn't bother me. But my surprise when I deployed a LAMP stack natively in Fedora, it just freakin' worked! 6 months later, I'm now using Docker, and the OS doesn't matter to me. It's really freeing!

Of course, using linux was a crazy challenge with my windows background. Once I got comfortable with the linux command line (I've been using powershell), Aliases became the rubber band to allow me to do all the things I'm used to without affecting anyone on my team.

Currently, we switched from Fedoras to Mac in the past few months. Macs are weird. But where it took me 1 year to go from Windows -> Linux, it's taking me like a week to go from Linux/Windows -> Mac. I still fight with Mac keyboard shortcuts.