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Rohov Dmytro
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#discuss Would you consider an external help (guidance) for your side project? In order to MAKE IT HAPPEN

I've been working as a programmer for 10+ years. And switched my current area of interest to dancing, teaching, blogging.

I still do code, but now it's all about my personal projects that I personally need.

And now I have this idea that inspires me SO much.

To guide people while they are trying their side project happen.

Call it coaching, call it mentoring.

The idea is simple. Helping people to overcome perfectionism. And make sure the project will be accomplished.

Also, providing some perspective how to grow this side project into a bigger thing.

Would YOU be interesting in this type of guidance?
Would it be suitable for you to have a weekly chatting & guidance about your side project?
Would you pay for this type of mentorship?

What is your overall impression on this offer?

Thank you in advance for your point of view!

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