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Rohit Kumar yadav
Rohit Kumar yadav

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How to start your hacking career?

Hii everyone it's my first post here , so I don't know where to start writing so if I do anything wrong forgive me
So now let's move to on topic

If you want to start your hacking career and don't have any idea how to start then don't worry this post will be helpful for you,

£ Before starting your career in hacking ask yourself ....

Main purpose of choosing career in hacking (eg. For money, for learning, for fun or anything ...)

  • Now if you are a serious learner and looking it as a career then follow below given t Steps..

For learning: fundamental
2.networking fundamental (TCP ip ..)
3.php, javascript,bash, python,java.
4.Have a better knowledge in one programming language (specially java , python , js) daily infosec or medium writeup related to hacking hacking tools work

Now it's end next part will be how to practice and tutorials on hacking tools.

Thank you 🥰

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