I'm about to end college this year, what should be my next step?

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Hi, I'm a student of Informatics Engineering in Spain, and as in a few months my next step needs to come, I'm a little worried about which one is the best.

For some context, I'm currently in a job doing mostly Java for 14h to keep up with the college assignments. The thing is that I'm getting a little into Data Science because I find it really interesting and makes my previous degree in economics valuable as it was statistics intensive.

So my question is: should I go straight into a masters degree in Data Science to build my career around that as soon as possible?, or should I try to get more experience in a job even if it's not related to that?.

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That's a tough question. For me, I ended up going back to school because I too got my initial degree in Economics, but wanted to pursue being a developer so I wanted to get a degree focused on that.

That being said, I am not sure of the market in Spain for Data Scientists. But I feel like based on your experience and educational background, you could probably transition your career into data science without having to go back to get another degree. I feel like if you researched it enough on your own and try to apply to positions that can lead to that type of career it would be possible to naturally transition to that.

Again, I only know so much about your situation. So, in the end, I would suggest going with your gut. Good luck with your decision.

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