How It’s Changing the Future of Augmented Reality

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WebAR Application

Augmented Reality is becoming more and more popular with developers and smartphone users but it still hasn’t taken its place among omnipresent technologies. To experience AR, users have to install a dedicated application but often they delete it after a few uses or don’t even bother to download it at all. WebAR is set to become the solution for users’ reluctance to experience it via apps, and there’s some pretty good evidence that it’ll actually succeed.

What is WebAR?

WebAR is an Augmented Reality experience that is accessed via a web browser instead of an app. It provides this web-based AR experience by using technologies like WebGL, WebRTC, WebVR and APIs. In simple words, you just need a phone to access it.

WebAR enables smartphone users to discover AR technology in the easiest way— via the web— without the burden of installation. It simply breaks barriers and creates interactive 3D models one can access through QR-code or a link. For now, WebAR offers limited functionality compared to an app-based AR, but it already includes simple animations, video, and a certain degree of interactivity. Also, WebAR supports image target detection.

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Hi, how can I read more? It's very interesting but google only show and api for compatible phones