The 10 books that every developer must read

Roman Mikhailov on February 14, 2018

Hate it or love it, but reading is an integral part of our professional life. What makes a great software developer is the amount and quality of ... [Read Full]
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I really like this list. I've read/own half of them already. Some are for different points of your career, like peopleware felt more for 5+ years experience.

Just bought the head first design patterns as ive seen alot of reccomendations for it and one of my interviews essentially asked me to implement the adapter pattern and i was stumped.


I feel that every developer will have to expand into project and people management eventually. Even if you're not an official manager and only interested in coding, you still need to work with people and deadlines. Books like Peopleware and The Clean Coder are great resources for that. I do agree with you, some books should be read at different moments in your career. Working with Legacy Code is not a fun book for somebody who's still learning to program :)


I really recommend Grokking Algorithms: An Illustrated Guide for Programmers and Other By Aditya Y. Bhargava


Thank you! I checked it out, it seems like a nice book to have for a quick refresher before an interview or a debate with a colleague :) It's actually listed as a best seller on Amazon ( for those who're interested) It is only available in paperback, unfortunately. I usually read my books on a kindle (since moving to a new place I'm very short on bookshelf space hehe), but the illustrations are great and it's just a pleasant book to read.


Hello Roman, thanks for this sharing !

I want to read some web development books and your list is awesome.

However, this can be long to read them all, so in which order do you recommend the read ?


Hi Alexzerah, There's no order for this list. These are also books that I find myself re-reading. Unlike programming tutorials, it seems as I come back to them I keep discovering something new or see a point that the author made from a different point of view. I would suggest reading them all.

However, if you need to start from somewhere, the clean series are great.

Peopleware is a good book is about a project and people management. It is an interesting and different read compared to the other ones.

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