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10 Awesome SASS (SCSS) Mixins

How about these for the font-sizes? $font-sizes: [20px, 22...

What are some misconceptions about web development?

You are a front end engineer? Great, you can solve this compl...

What is the most potentially-revolutionary software currently being developed?


How much coffee do you drink?

Not enough

CSS-Selectors Guide

Good one! A need for robust all-inclusive guide was mainly my...

Daily Challenge #1 - String Peeler

return str.length > 2 ? str.slice(1,str.length-1) : str;

JavaScript Equality Checks

DeepClone Utility Method function deepClone(obj) { let ...

JavaScript Equality Checks

Fun Fact: with nested objects, the nested object property is ...

Weekly web development update #28

Love rough notation! ❤️

Position is Everything

How about adding position: sticky?

I was emailed after abandoning a registration form. I did not click Submit. This is not ok.

It all depends on a type of marketing. Companies are allowed ...

You're not worth hiring unless...

I once had a recruiter asking me to explain event loop in Jav...

JavaScript Equality Checks

Yes. Two different Objects with same properties are still two...

Flexbox diehards: Here's some concrete examples of when CSS grid is just better

What I check before applying Grid vs Flex is if my layout is ...

append VS appendChild

happy to contribute by writing one if you need :)

append VS appendChild

Nice one! Few more suggestions for the continuation of the se...

Daily Challenge #1 - String Peeler

function remove_ends(str) { return str.length <= 2 ? n...

Serialize and Deserialize binary tree, Apple interview

In Serializing, you are calling inorder(root);. You want preo...

Which physical book to learn JavaScript from for absolute beginners who only know HTML and CSS?

How to learn a lot and keep going? My Personal experience goes to 404

I Coded My Personal Site With Web Components

Looks neat. that visible scrollbar could be hidden though, wh...