30 Best Dev and Tech Podcasts

Art Rosnovsky on July 17, 2019

It's hard to believe, but I've been listening to podcasts for almost 15 years, and been podcasting myself since April 2006. Just think about it: ba... [Read Full]
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Great list @rosnovsky !
I would extend the list to recommend my two favourites tech podcasts:

  • Front end happy hour They discuss different subjects, not only front-end related. The panellists have great insights.
  • Soft skills engineering It's super fun to listen, and most of the time, they provide useful recommendations.

Yep, Soft Skills are great, and now I remember listening to FFHE a while back, not sure how it dropped from my subscriptions. Putting it back right now :)


Awesome list. :)

I also recommend the dev(up) podcast.
They focus on the non-technical side of being a developer.


Thanks for this list, my podcast list has just grown again :)

Additionally, I'd like to recommend Weekly Dev Tips from Steve Smith. Although he did not publish one the last 4 weeks, he used to give some valuable tips in a short weekly podcast, typically 5-10 minutes.



Great suggestion, thank you! Weekly bite-size tips, perfect format!


Thanks for the list. I've found a couple of new podcasts to listen to.

I would add the following, as well:

  • Independence Mostly focused on Apple app development, but they talk a lot about being an indie software developer in the real world.
  • Command Line Heroes Produced by Red Hat, it runs through a lot of the history of open source software. This season they're focusing on different languages. I've learned a few things about how software got to the state it is that I never knew before.

Just listened to an episode of Command Line Heroes on Changelog (they featured a show about BASIC programming language), such a great production!


Not a pod cast, but an actual show and film premiere for software engineers: forbes.com/sites/sheilacallaham/20...


A great list!

For me, the top two are:

Developer Tea - keeps me sane
Syntax - keeps me entertained


Great list! For insights on learning in tech, I also highly recommend the La Vie En Code podcast! lavieencode.net/podcast/

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