Seven reasons to learn Vue.js in 2019

Ross Kaffenberger on January 01, 2019

I love building applications in Vue.js and here's why I think the future is looking bright for the framework and its community. 1. No b... [Read Full]
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Great little article. I've been using Vue for an easy way to build reactive WordPress plugins, and I love it. I also just started building a blog with nuxt. The future is looking bright for Vue. Cheers!


Is it possible to use wp plugins when using Vue with WordPress? I mean if you use Vue can you install and use wp plugins functionalities if you need any plugin to install for any specific needs?


I suppose it depends what you need to do. If you use Vue you can use it to do ajax calls through a rest API endpoint you set up with WordPress and php. Then you can do database manipulation, call other WordPress plugs or basically do anything else through this API. Vue essentially is just front end so you still need to wire it up to the back end somehow

How can I change frontend without vue? Is there any other options

In wordpress everything is ran server side with PHP, and you can use php to write template files, and markup very easily. There are also other libraries like handlebars you could use to render templates from data as well. Just depends on what you are familiar with and what kind of data you are displaying.


Cool! Using Vue for Wordpress plugins is a use case I hadn't thought of before. Have you written about it or posted code anywhere?


I haven't written about it yet, but this is a starter that I forked, and use for wordpress plugins.

It comes with a pretty bare bones front end and back end app. The front end is based off a short-code so you can throw it anywhere on a site.

I replaced less for sass and a few other things. I'll have to put together a quick tutorial on it here soon.

Nice one mate, good to see more Vue in WP.

It's a shame React did a back-flip on their license when they realized the world's largest CMS was about to drop it in favor of Vue (the second-contender at the time).


Vue will always be my first framework love. Before I became a JS dev, I was doing Drupal, and it was SUPER easy to set up in a Drupal module (which says a lot hahaha)


Number 1 was one of the inital reasons for me to start with Vue.js (a while ago already). At that time I wasn't really prepared for WebPack, etc..., because my (long-established) workflow was completely different.

I was also flashed by the reactivity and the ability to throw JSON-structures at Vue, so it turned out (very fast) to get my favorite framework, because of it's simplicity and elegancy.

I remember the days where I was writing simple things in Angular - but most often it felt as using Angular for simple things is just an overkill (both in terms of workflow and speed).

Vue.js came to the rescue and allowed me to incrementally learn and apply the new stuff immediately, without the need to dig into documentation for every simple problem.

So I absolutely agree: Take Vue.js for a spin - it's easy and fun. (...and fast as well - if that matters)


Nice article and many good points but I dont like that it picks on other frameworks like React and Angular. It says JSX is a new syntax but from my learning experience, JSX felt very natural and Vue was hard because of its directives (new syntax to learn?) and api. I believe this attitude in telling creates a distasteful feeling.


I'm super stoked about the release targeted for this year, but the caveats are still going to be in place for organizations that need to continue to support IE.

Your #1 point cannot be overstated. Being able to use Vue in the browser without a build step (or in-browser transpilation) makes it the most approachable framework out of the big 3. Good post!


Thanks, Denny! Great point about the fact that the Proxy-based getters and setters won’t work for everyone, but at least the old style will still be supported..


My plan for 2019 is to learn Vue. But I'll keep working with Angular of course!


Great! It would be interesting to hear how the two of them compare for you.


Already did some stuff with Vue, it's nice, reload is faster than with Angular.
Community is very great !

The only negative point I could find is the lack of architecture (Angular one is strong)


Yup, you're right.

VueJS(vue-router,vuex)+Bootstrap Grid only ( Bootstrap is jQuery dependent. So, I don't want to use jQuery anymore.)+Vanilla CSS+Laravel = 😎😎😎😍😍😍🀩🀩🀩


I am already in love with VueJs since last year and you made me crazy with your easy explanation. Your words are really inspiring.


Hi Ross, I love your article. Actually I'm learning Rails and Vue.
What material do you recommend me?


Thanks! I know lots of folks have had success with the Rails tutorial by Michael Hartl to learn Rails. I've also heard good things about the Vue 2 course on udemy.


I started write my Vue components in last december and I'm super excited!
Super easy to learn, super simple to write, super readable to debug.

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