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re: Rauno, did you try running your PowerShell in elevated mode?

Yes, I tried both. I suspect my issue has something to do with Windows Firewall (and corporate antivirus software which has taken control of that).

Hi Rauno,
Did you fix this issues?
I had the same issue and I solve it just adding the :0.0 after my IP

funSkill, could this comment solve it?

I notice that windows firewall can block the connection to the container.

You can allow this access via firewall settings for "VcXsrv windows xserver".

Also, if you only want to give your xserver private network access, you can use:

Set-NetConnectionProfile -interfacealias "vEthernet (DockerNAT)" -NetworkCategory Private


Hi Robin,
I tried it to but issue solved after adding the :0.0 after my IP

Thanks for article. It' very helpful for me!

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