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Want to Run DEV's Advent of Code?

It's almost here! Advent of Code is almost here! Last year, I had a really fun time putting together the daily discussion posts for everybody to share their solutions to all the puzzles. This year, I want to give somebody else a chance to dive into the community a little bit more.

If you're interested in taking the reins (reindeer reins, I suppose they would have to be) this year, even partially, shoot me a DEV message. I'll walk you through how I do it currently, get you set up with an easy cover image template/process, and help you as little or as much as you want. We'll see if we can get the DEV team to make you an #adventofcode tag mod. And if you can't commit to the daily posts, and you want to trade off days, or weeks, or want to message me when you can't do it and I'll fill in, we can work that out too.

OR! If we get a whole bunch of people interested, maybe we can set up some sort of round-robin situation. We'll see.

I'm excited to code with everybody again this year (hopefully more successfully on the challenges too!).

Merry (almost) Christmas! (And Happy Thanksgiving, which is a completely valid standalone holiday in America in its own right thank you very much Wal-Mart.)

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