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Can you provide me with your vim configs?


Even though I am not an expert from the screenshot it is clear that he uses NERD-tree, vim-airline, and a dark theme, possibly solarized. You can easily install them with the plugin manager of your choice. Now regarding the vimrc file, the only thing I notice is that he has the numbers option enabled. (Finally, if you're new and wondering how can one have so many different files open, he utilises banners(!EDIT: buffers😂😢) Hope I helped.


Wait what are banners?

But yeah you got it all right otherwise! 🙂

It's not solarized but I don't remember what I was using back then, might be Gruvbox

Oh sorry 😂😂... I feel really bad about it now. I wanted to say buffers😢. Impressive article BTW. Thanks for sharing😉

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