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5 Interesting Facts About Outsourcing that You Should Know!

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With the advent of digital technology enabling us to connect with anyone across the globe, outsourcing has become a trend now. This gives your business an opportunity to work with talented and qualified professionals all over the world.

While your app is in the hands of a limited number of people having the same skill set, when you choose in-house app development, outsourcing allows your app to be developed by professionals with different skill sets.

When Procter & Gamble outsourced some R&D activities it boosted its innovation productivity by 60%, to generate more than $10 billion in revenue from over 400 new products. Today, about half of P&G's innovation comes from external collaboration.

When it comes to app development, outsourcing is considered to be a good option for reducing cost and increasing efficiency. Here are some more reasons why businesses now choose to outsource.

According to Deloitte 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey,

-59% of companies outsource to reduce or control cost
-57% do it to focus on business objectives
-47% to solve capacity issues
-31% to improve service quality
-28% to take help from talented professionals
-17% of their business environment

But what is it that pushes startup owners towards outsourcing. Here are some reasons why people think of outsourcing at first.

-Start-ups with a small budget who are striving hard to save funds opt for outsourcing to reduce the overall app development costs.
-App owners who started with the app development project, but couldn't pull it off. They are halfway through and want someone to accomplish the remaining task of making the app.

In the present digital era, it’s easier and more convenient than ever to hire people to perform. Here, in this blog, I have discussed 5 interesting facts about outsourcing that you should know.

These are amazing yet very common things of outsourcing that nobody talks about. Read these before you consider hiring an outsourcing company for your business projects.

You can Build a Great App with Low Budget!

Here is one of the most interesting facts about outsourcing. Outsourcing allows you to save a lot and make a great app even with a small budget. With in-house app development, your app is in the hands of limited persons that have similar skill sets.

On the contrary, outsourcing gives your app a varied touch and allows people of different skill levels to work for your project.

Rio Rocket, an entrepreneur runs a graphic design, web development, and marketing business. He outsources “laborious and redundant” tasks such as creating custom PHP coding or re-writing content.

“Outsourcing gave me more time to negotiate new contracts and handle client correspondence. With the help of outsourcing, I could manage 10 to 15 or more projects easily,” Rocket said.

With outsourcing, Rocket can now focus more on value-driven tasks such as running and developing his company, rather than investing time in doing mundane day-to-day tasks.

In-house app development integrates the same technology in your app which they use. This is not the case with outsourcing. They have a stack of varied technologies that help to equip your app.

You just have to be smart enough to choose the right outsourcing partner for your project. Assess the capabilities of the developers and communicate your requirements well before you hire.

You can Hire Globally!

With the advent of digital technology enabling us to connect and work with talent across the globe, app development should not be restricted to the boundaries.

When you choose to opt to hire globally, your app tends to grab more attention from global audiences. This increases the number of app downloads and helps your app engage users from all corners of the world.

But, when you choose to outsource, it's important that you explain your business requirement. Here is a list of things you need to follow for setting up an offshore development team,

-Do proper research
-Check the portfolio
-Read company reviews and
-Look client testimonials
-Check previous apps built
-Discuss the budget estimates and time constraints
-Assess the knowledge of the developers
-Sign an agreement

You can check out the list of top mobile app development agencies. Based on these points discussed above, you can find the one that suits your business needs. So, choosing to hire globally is one of the things about outsourcing that you didn’t know.

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Make Identical Apps!

Here is one of the most interesting facts about outsourcing that you should know. Making twin apps or identical apps is considered to be a black spot on brand image. Hence companies now choose to hire offshore developers from an outsourcing company.

Whether it’s an app that is identical to a pre-existing app or an app that is to be built right from a fresh app idea, you can either choose an in-house development team or hire an outsourcing company. You can easily get what you want opting for any of the ways. But yes, outsourcing is a much better option as it saves costs and increases efficiency.

You just need to do a proper analysis before hiring an outsourcing company to make the right fit.

Time Zone!

In the list of common things of outsourcing that nobody talks about, one thing that you need to take care of is the time zone. It’s very essential that you keep a check on the time zone while handling your project to an outsourcing company in another country.

You have to be on track with the two-time zones while developing your app. You might face some challenges while doing so. So, you need to be prepared to overcome these challenges.

Handling agile methods and SCRUM with two different time zones can be quite challenging.

You Get What You Pay!

Let’s continue our discussion on common things of outsourcing that nobody talks about. Though, building a mobile app involves a huge investment of both- time and money. But, the price should not be your priority while building a mobile app.

If you fall for a cheap budget, you might get low-quality service in return. Outsourcing in itself is far cost-saving in comparison to making an app in-house app development. So, trying to save even more is something you shouldn’t be going for.

The Bottomline!

In the present digital era, it’s easier and more convenient than ever to hire people to perform. Considering outsourcing as an option to boost your business growth can certainly prove to be very beneficial. This is why,

More than one-third of small businesses currently outsource a business process.

These are some of the interesting facts about outsourcing that you should know. As technology continues to evolve, connecting with people anywhere from the world becomes easier. Scaling your development team by finding qualified professionals will help increase business profits and ease the app development process.

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