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5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps are better than Websites!

A report reveals that in 2015 alone,the mobile app industry generated $41.1 billion in gross income revenue. This figure may increase up to $50.9 billion, and by 2020, it will be worth $189 billion.

The mobile industry is growing at a high pace! With a tremendous growth in the usage of mobile phones over websites, it’s clearly evident that companies these days are emphasizing more on embracing mobile strategies for business growth rather than sticking to traditional methods of developing websites.

No wonder, customer engagement through mobile apps have become a preferred choice among businesses today. With new technologies popping up, consumers today are demanding more from their apps. By 2017, it's expected that over 268 billion downloads will generate $77 billion worth of revenue, says a report.

You must be aware of the fact that app usage has surpassed desktop usage. The number of desktop users has been surpassed by the number of mobile users exponentially. So clearly, mobile apps are better than websites. Let’s read more on mobile app vs websites.

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Why Mobiles Apps are better than Websites?

As more number of users are getting inclined to the use of mobile, companies are now working on their mobile strategies. They are looking for ways to increase business profits by redesigning their mobile apps. However, whether a mobile app or a website is the right way to go is still a tough call to make.

Here in this blog, I have discussed the reasons why Mobile Apps are better than Websites. Please read further.


Personalization is all about rendering tailored services to users based on their interests, location, behaviour and usage. But, why mobile apps are better than websites for personalization? Using mobile apps is an easier option to offer a personalized experience to the users as compared to websites.

Let’s see how. Downloading a mobile app allows users to set up their preferences. Moreover, a mobile app can track user engagement using which it can offer product recommendations and updates to the users. That’s why 96% of marketers currently use or are planning to incorporate mobile marketing into their marketing mix, says a report.

For example Spotify uses its personalized content to offer users with their preferred choices. By offering personalized playlists, Spotify app improves the overall customer experience. Users can easily download the app and use it for free on their mobiles.

This is not possible with a website. It becomes very difficult to sign in on a wider screen. This is why mobile apps are better than websites.

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Offline Access!

This is perhaps, one of the biggest reasons why mobile apps are better than websites. Users need to be connected to the internet for accessing a website. If you do not have an internet connection, then it is impossible to access a site. The same is not true with a mobile app.

Though mobile apps need an Internet connection too. But they can deliver a lot of functionality being offline. For example, Netflix is a global leader in streaming video content. You would need internet access to stream the content. But using the Netflix App, you can download the videos and watch them later when you are offline.

Clearly, developing mobile apps suiting your business needs is a profitable deal. You can read about the different stages of mobile app development here. Let’s read further to know why are apps better than websites.

Better UX/UI!

Mobile apps are built with a purpose. They are developed to solve users’ pain points and help in customer engagement. Mobile apps render interactive ways to engage the target audience. An alluring user interface is one of these. Besides these, the UI/UX plays an important role. This is the main reason why mobile apps are better than websites.

A website has limited functionality unlike a mobile app. The reason being a website relies on web browsers to perform basic functions such as back button or refresh button. But with a mobile app, you won’t have any of these types of restrictions. You can set it up to use functions like swiping, tapping, or holding down on the screen. This design freedom can ultimately improve the user experience.

Better Branding!

Well, this is another interesting reason why mobile apps are better than websites. Even when users are not using a mobile app, they are still connected to your brand through the icon. The icon of your mobile app helps in boosting the online presence of your brand.

This is why mobile apps are better than websites. The icon acts as a channel of advertisement for the brand. This works as a marketing strategy for brand promotion resulting in increased customer engagement.

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Surely, this is not true for a website. Unlike mobile apps, a website cannot offer enough value to your customers. A mobile offers a lot of scope for branding by providing new opportunities. You can experiment with the text, images, icons and styles with a mobile app to engage users for boosting sales conversions.

This is a major difference between a website and a mobile app. When you read on mobile app vs website, it's important you know that a mobile app offers more branding opportunities than a website.

Leverage Device Capabilities!

Access to the incredible capabilities of a device helps in boosting the overall experience for the users. This not only engages more customers but also helps in staying hooked to your services. This is the main reason as to why are apps better than websites.

Context and hyper-relevance is a key way to win over digital consumers, says a Cisco survey. A mobile app is one of the best ways for rendering an improved customer experience. It offers features that the users can't get anywhere else. Here is a list of a few possibilities:

-Device vibration/ alerts
-Instant and automatic updates
-Push Notifications

In contrast, mobile websites offer restricted access to device’s features. There are many technological constraints in using these features. This is why apps are better than websites? You can hire a React Native developer to create an interactive mobile app for your business.

The Bottomline

By now, I am sure you have got a clear idea why Mobile apps are better than websites. Let’s review these points on Mobile app vs website in short again:

-Better UX/UI
-Devices’ Capabilities
-Offline Access

In case you need to engage your online customer base, then mobile apps are a better option to go for. With its limited features, websites cannot advertise or promote your brand as it has a constrained outreach to a small group of people.

So, in order to boost the online presence of your business and to promote your brand on a large scale, it's important that you use mobile apps. This was all about Mobile app vs website. I am pretty sure after reading this blog, you would know why mobile apps are better than websites.

According to a study by eMarketer, the consumer time spent with mobiles is increasing while time spent with all other media is decreasing.

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This is a good article right here. Gained a bit of insight. And yes, i agree that mobile apps are the trending topics today. And they are way better than websites. On the other note, smartphones are rising substantially and their routine is off the charts. There are many good mobile app development services  , as well as new techniques today that app developers can get hold of. It was nice reading this blog. Thank you for sharing again.