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Importance of Design Thinking to boost Sales!

Design Thinking has now emerged as a hot topic in the design world. Leading brands such as Apple, Google, HBO, Samsung, World Bank, and General Electric are embracing the process of design thinking as a strategic tool to optimize product innovation.

Design-led firms consciously put the customer first, with 46% of design leaders citing an emotional bond with customers as a defining characteristic of an advanced design practice, says Adobe.

Design plays a crucial part in putting the right experience for your users. Thus, knowing about your customers, it lets you get connected with your target audience thus improving customer experience. This is why, design thinking has proved to be a tremendous business advantage for firms that see design as a strategic differentiator for the organization.

What is Design Thinking?

Before we read on- how is Design Thinking Approach the Future of Sales, let’s know what design thinking is. It is a method to solve problems through creative solutions. Design thinking involves building up of ideas so as to design a solution that works to resolve all issues. The process involves five steps. These include,

Benefits of Design Thinking to boost Sales!

Times have changed now. Consumers now want a more personalized experience now more than ever before. Businesses are looking for ways techniques that can allure their customers and increase customer engagement. This is where design thinking comes into picture. In order to boost sales, it's important to be innovative. Sales teams have recognized the value of design thinking approach to improve sales.

Salesforce's sales team, for example, has embraced design thinking in its sales discovery process and has realized a 100% increase in revenue growth as a result. It’s time sales teams more broadly recognize the value of design thinking.

I have discussed the importance of Design Thinking to improve sales. Here are 5 benefits of Design Thinking to boost Sales. Let’s read these in detail.


Design thinking lets you empathize with your customers. Empathy is at the core of design thinking. Empathy allows businesses to relate to their customers and develop an emotional bond with them.

“Why is design thinking methodology important for sales”, this is a popular question that comes in the mind of many individuals. The fact is this, by creating a bond with the customers and predicting their behaviour, businesses are able to increase their sales.

Design-led firms consciously put the customer first, with 46% of design leaders citing an emotional bond with customers as a defining characteristic of an advanced design practice.

Once you are able to establish a bond with your customers, you surely will be able deliver the right product at the right time as desired by your users. Doing this keeps your customers happy and satisfied thus allowing them to stay hooked to your services.

The importance of empathy in sales cannot be overstated.

Empathy allows you to measure sales. It is the key predictor of your sales success. It lets you know what exactly would work for you in alluring customers towards your services. Armed with automated techniques of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, businesses analyze customer patterns and behaviour to gain meaningful insights into customer preferences.

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Next is the “define” stage in the design thinking process. The aim of the defined stage is to craft the problem statement for identifying buyer needs. Often, sales people clearly define the problem before understanding the buyer’s needs. This is how businesses these days are using design thinking approach to improve sales.

At least 50% of sales reps’ prospects are not good fits for their offering.

By clearly defining the problem statement and then selling solutions for the same helps in alluring more customers. Only after defining their exact problem, the sales team will be able to find lucrative fits for their product offerings.

Hope now you would be clear of -why is design thinking methodology important for sales.


Let’s read about the ideate stage. This is, perhaps, one of the benefits of design thinking to boost sales. Here, in the ideate stage, the focus gets shifted from problem identification to solution generation. During this stage, the sales people look for the right solution that fits the customers problem.

Another study by Adobe found that companies that foster creativity are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their peers in terms of revenue growth.

This stage involves significant creativity along with the ability to render appropriate solutions for all the issues. The stage involves strategic design thinking of high quality. Thus finding the best solution to the problems helps customers stay happy and satisfied thus improving sales. All thanks to the design thinking approach to improve sales.

Creativity is essential to sales and a key predictor of success!

Research from the Aston Business School, a highly-regarded business school in Europe, revealed that sales professionals who were more creative generated higher sales than their less creative counterparts.


Let’s continue our discussion on design thinking approach to improve sales. Prototyping is the fourth stage in the design thinking process. Prototyping helps salespeople to directly contact their customers.

This stage involves more accurate and full-fleshed solutions for the problems. Prototyping gives an opportunity to have a direct conversation with the customers.

By providing the best solution to solve customer issues, customers feel valued and satisfied. Thus helps in creating a connection with them that compels them to stay hooked to your services which helps in boosting sales. I am sure, you now know- why is design thinking methodology important for sales.

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‘Testing’ is the last stage of the design thinking process. In this stage, the salespeople test their final offerings to their customers. The customers need to unveil the final pitch. The salespeople need to be very strategic while making the pitch.

Salespeople should use collaborative worlds such as “we” and “us” to make the pitch more impactful and fruitful. This helps in connecting with your customers well.

The Bottomline

After reading this, I am sure you have got a clear idea of the design thinking approach to improve sales. In the disruptive market space, where each customer wants a personalized selling, design thinking adds more flavours to the selling process by making it more creative and impactful.

Design thinking lets you connect with your customers and understand what they need. This is something that is important for any business to increase their sales profits. This is the answer to this trending question- how is design thinking approach the future of sales now?

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