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Top 5 Benefits of Using ReactJS For Your Business

Wondering how you can drive users to your app. Building an enticing user interface is one way to keep customers hooked to your app. React Javascript with its incredible features can help you design an interactive app interface to increase your customer base.

ReactJS is an open-source Javascript library that is used for building user interfaces or UI components, especially for single-page applications( SPAs). A few examples of single-page applications include Netflix, Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, Trello, and Slack. It controls and handles the front-end part of the web and mobile applications. One of the major advantages of ReactJS is that it can efficiently build interactive and engaging web apps for your business in less time.

This is why most of the businesses these days are leveraging the alluring benefits of React JS. This Javascript library with its incredible features and growing popularity has made a strong presence in the app development industry. Tech giants such as Netflix, Instagram, and Airbnb, can be seen using ReactJS for the front-end development of their business apps.

Here, in this article, I’ve discussed the major benefits of ReactJS and why you should use it for building your app. Let’s take a close look at the top Reactjs advantages for your business.

Higher Code Stability

One of the greatest benefits of ReactJS is that it offers higher code stability. Whenever the programmers use the data binding techniques, they need not worry about the impact that changing the child structure can have on the parent structure.

This reduces the complexities faced by the developers while coding and offers great flexibility in writing the code which is one of the biggest advantages of ReactJS. With ReactJS, coders can easily make changes in the code structure without facing any hardship.

Easy To Understand

Let’s read some more about the other advantages of ReactJS. Developers can quickly and easily learn the concepts of ReactJS. Before you choose to work with ReactJS, all that you need to have is a basic knowledge of these technologies mentioned here.

-HTML/CSS: The basic knowledge of HTML/CSS is required to work with ReactJS.
-JavaScript: You need to have a sound knowledge of the core concepts of JavaScript. Most of all, you must know what is DOM( Document Object Model) in Javascript.
-Node/NPM: Node Package Manager is the package manager for Node.js. It enables you to install Javascript libraries known for your existing project.
-Webpack: Webpack is an open-source JavaScript module bundler that helps to compile/run ReactJS applications.

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SEO Friendly

Here is one of the most important Reactjs advantages for your business. It’s hard for the search engines to crawl Javascript heavy applications. Using ReactJS for app development can help solve this problem.

Server-side rendering (SSR) makes it easy for the search engines to crawl heavy Javascript applications. In server-side rendering, a page is rendered by the web server as a part of the server request/response. In ReactJS, server-side rendering is done by executing the app against a virtual DOM.

What exactly happens is that the state of the virtual DOM is converted to an HTML string. After this, the string is embedded into the page before it is sent to the client. When the page reaches the browser, the JavaScript app will get organized as the content of a regular web page.

As the content of the page is regardless of how the web crawlers run on your Javascript app, server-side rendering helps to make your page crawler friendly.

One of the greatest advantages of React is that it uses a virtual DOM. By sending a request to the browser and rendering it as a regular web page, ReactJS makes it easy for the search engines to crawl heavy Javascript apps thus increasing the chances of your site getting ranked on top in the search engine index.

Reusability of Code Components

Let’s continue our discussion on the benefits of ReactJS. Initially, when ReactJS was developed, it didn’t give developers enough flexibility. React was rigid and it didn’t allow the coders to reuse the code components.

A lot of functionalities were added to ReactJS when Facebook took over it. This made things a lot easier for the developers. The developers could reuse the code now and can save time. By saving the developers from the hassles of writing the entire code again, code reusability helps to save a lot of time for the developers.

As all the code components of ReactJS are isolated from each other, they work independently from each other. This is one of the major Reactjs advantages for your business. Let’s see how can code reusability work as a great advantage for you.

All the changes that are made in one component do not affect the other components. Code reusability allows the users to work without worrying about the impact that changing the code components can have on one another.

Quick Rendering

Here is one of the greatest advantages of ReactJS. By removing bottlenecks from code rendering, the virtual DOM in ReactJS enables smooth and efficient running of the entire process. Virtual DOM applies changes virtually and updates the changes instantly without taking much time. This helps to minimize the time required to make the changes to the DOM thus increasing the overall efficiency.

By increasing the overall efficiency of the development process and reducing the app development costs, businesses can stay ahead of their competitors prevailing in the market space.

Wrapping It All

These are some of the incredible benefits of ReactJS. These simple and easy to use features make ReactJS one of the most trending technologies for app development. By building engaging app interfaces, Reactjs can help businesses boost their growth and gain a competitive advantage over others.

By using ReactJS for app development, the app industry can speed up its growth in cutting costs. Moreover, ReactJS allows you to expand the customer base of your by enabling you to design an engaging interface for your app which makes ReactJS the perfect choice for your business.

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