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Why Use Microservices?

Once your business is ready and all set to make the transition from Monolithic to Microservice architecture, you must know what the application needs are and how you plan to move forward with the shift.

Discussed in this infographic are some of the business benefits of Microservices. Having a look at these can help your enterprise to identify the unique goals for the move and ensure you have the right support in hand to manage the added complexity of transitioning to a containerized architecture.

Alt Text

But for better scaling and deployment of microservices, you must have a strategy in hand. Without proper planning, managing microservices can be cumbersome and excessively demanding.

Realizing this issue, Opstree came up with a unique solution. Here is the most powerful Microservice Delivery Platform- BuildPiper for seamless and highly intuitive management of large and complex Microservices lifecycles.

With "Managed Microservices" as one of the core functionality pillars of the platform, BuildPiper has other added functionalities of Managed Kubernetes, Secure CI/CD Pipelines with features like complete security, compliance, and observability.

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