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Discussion on: What software development tools (libraries/frameworks/apps/whatever) make you feel most anxious while you're working with them?

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Rudolf Olah

Anything to do with Android. My first attempt at making an app was about a year or two after Android launched (2009?) I tried again later on and didn't get very far.

And in the last 2 years I've tried to work on an existing app and that went okay except it was 99% React Native/TypeScript (which I already have experience with so I'm not anxious about it, I'm only anxious when people write JavaScript/TypeScript as if it were Java!).

Now I'm trying to give it another go, this time by using Kotlin to cut down on boiler plate.

But it still makes me anxious knowing that the official docs and some books won't have the help I need, it'll be some obscure question on StackOverflow or a random blog that has the answers to my questions about Android.

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Apple/iOS is even worse with their complicated Xcode and "iTunes Connect" tooling (which you have to use even when you're creating a mobile app with Cordova). Android tooling is much, much simpler. And with Google you pay USD 25, one time, while Apple makes you pay USD 100 per year (!) for the "privilege" to enrich their App Store with your apps.

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Francisco Quintero 🇨🇴

In general, mobile development. It seems soooo cumbersome to setup, tools are like too heavy, too many downloads, so tedious to test(sometimes).