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GSoC 2019

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I am Rupesh, an aspiring Full stack web developer. My tech stacks are HTML , CSS, JS, Node.js, Bootstrap, MySql, MongoDB, C, C++. I want to get selected in GSoC 2019 but confused with which organisation to choose ,and get started so that the chances for my selection in gsoc 2019 gets increased ,here is my github profile( Please share your experiences and suggest me some organisation to get started. Help needed.

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I did GSoC many years ago and it was one of the best experiences in dev!

I literally went through to all the projects that made sense to me: affinity with language, with topic or stuff I knew about, read the project description, discarded some and applied to the others.

I ended up doing the GSoC for PyPy (I only applied to Python-related projects because I was active in a subset of that community and that's what I wanted to do)

What peaks your interest? Did you check the various organizations for GSoc 2018? Go through their projects, those will probably change but some organizations are the same throughout the years.

A big thing that can set you apart from the other applicants is to be known to the organization before Summer of Code even starts, so start contributing today.

And even if next year you don't end up doing the summer of code for the same exact project you already started contributing and made yourself known anyway, which isn't bad :-)

I would consider something JavaScript related judging from the projects on your Github but only you can decide!


thanks a lot for sharing your experience, will proceed now as you suggested @rhymes

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