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Hacktoberfest 2021 - How it went for me

Who am I and why did I participate

I joined to read blogs, post blogs and learn new things. I mainly wanted to join hacktoberfest because I really wanted to plant a tree. #TeamTrees


I was just a average kid in school about a year ago. Now, I learnt that coding gives me happiness and is a really good excuse for coffee too.


My progress went a lil' terrible. I had my exams so, I was always studying. Then, on 27th and 28th there was Github universe which I had enrolled in. I had to attend so many sessions that I didn't get sleep at all. Then, on 29th and 30th, also I was awake the whole night.


I contributed to 5 repos. 2 were related to blockchain, 2 were related to web design and the last one was a list of things todo list.

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