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Blockchain tops the most in-demand job skill in 2020 on LinkedIn

Blockchain has come in at number #1 on LinkedIn’s list of skills employers are looking for in employees in 2020.

According to LinkedIn, blockchain was the number one priority for employers hiring in the UK, US, Germany, Australia and France.

It was the first time blockchain had made it onto the LinkedIn rankings of in-demand skills.

Namrata Murlidhar at LinkedIn said: “blockchain had emerged from the once shadowy world of cryptocurrency to become a transformative business solution.”

Blockchain and cryptocurrency were first introduced in 2009 with the rise of Bitcoin. Since then the industry has grown and moved on from just being about Bitcoin. At first, people said Bitcoin would fall flat on its face and die out, and for a while, it looked like that might be the case. As of 2020 Bitcoin remains and blockchain technology has emerged to become an important tool for businesses worldwide.

Over the past decade, we have seen many tech companies and startups develop robust blockchain systems to offer solutions to real-life problems. Blockchain has risen to become an important technology that can provide a valuable service in many different industries.

The main advantage of using a blockchain is its security. Unlike the internet which is hackable by third parties, blockchain allows people and businesses to move and store data and digital assets securely. This, in turn, has seen many established businesses, namely the financial industry, adopt the technology to provide secure services internally and externally to customers.

As more and more companies look to implement the technology, naturally the demand for blockchain engineers and developers has risen sharply. Those with blockchain experience find themselves being headhunted by some of the best leading companies in the world. For anyone who’s thinking about learning or gaining experience in blockchain development, now is the perfect time to be part of some exciting technology.

Blockchain jobs salary - How much do Blockchain jobs pay?
According to Janco Associates, a company that conducts salary surveys, the average blockchain jobs salary for a blockchain developer is now $127,000. For those with experience in blockchain development, you can expect upwards of $172,000.

At Blockchain Jobseeker we aim to connect experienced blockchain professionals with employers seeking the best talent. If you’re a talented blockchain professional, you can join our talent pool and have companies contact you about current job opportunities and blockchain projects.

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