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5 Benefits of Hiring a Remote Dev Work Force in the UK

russstephens profile image Russell Stephens ・3 min read

When we talk about the benefits of remote working, people tend to focus on the employees and not so much the employers themselves. In the current climate, and especially since Covid-19, having a remote dev workforce is proving to benefit most employers greatly.

Here's 5 benefits of having a remote workplace in the UK.

Your Staff Won’t Have To Commute To Work, Which Is Actually A Good Thing ...

This one is stating the obvious, but it's rare that you will find an employee who enjoys the daily commute into an office, especially to major cities like London or Birmingham. Relying on public transport to be on time, or missing rush hour on the roads to make sure you get into work on time, is all something most of us can do without.
Did you know commuting actually contributes to absences in the workplace and reduces employee productivity?
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Allowing your employees to telecommute and work from home helps improve valuable employee retention, which means less time and money spent on recruiting and training new employees.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Running a physical office means you need to pay for the upkeep and electricity being used. Although many offices are now carbon neutral, if you calculate the energy costs being used to run your office, along with computer equipment, and office supplies, it’s actually not very environmentally friendly at all.

Then there's the environmental pollution of your employees commuting into work everyday. A study by Global Workplace Analytics found that nearly 3.9 million remote workers saved around 3 million tons of greenhouse gases entering the environment.

You Can Hire The Very Best Dev Talent No Matter Where They Live

One of the main benefits of hiring a remote work force is not being limited by employee location. Of course there are time zones and spoken languages to consider with employing remote workers in other countries, however, you can technically hire anyone living in any part of the world. The advantage of this is that you can source and employ some of the very best talent in the world.

Staff Are More Productive

Allowing your employees to work from home and telecommute actually means they are likely to be more productive. Studies have shown that employees who are allowed to work from home are more productive than office employees. A recent Stanford study found that remote working employees are more productive by almost a full day’s worth of work!
The reason for this comes down to two things. Firstly, there are less distractions and social interactions with working from home. No frequent coffee or snack machine trips or 2 minute chats with other staff members! Secondly, remote workers are much more comfortable at home in their familiar surroundings. They've skipped the dreadful commute to work and are ready and focused for the working day ahead.

Your Staff Will Be Healthier

Remote workers tend to be more active and add more exercise into their day than office workers. Unless you're cycling or running to and from the office everyday, office workers tend to be stuck on their chairs until lunchtime. Employees working at home have access to their own fitness equipment and the privacy to workout each day at times that suit them.

Commuters are far less likely to workout and look after their health after a long day in the office. By the time your employees get home and have something to eat, nine times out of ten they will unwind for a few hours before going to bed and starting over again. Allowing your employees to telecommute means there's an increased chance they will add more exercise to their routine leading to a healthier more productive workforce!

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