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Understanding the way obfuscator software works

  • The word obfuscate refers to something made in a hazy way such that understanding it is not easy. When it comes to computing, the meaning is still the same. It makes reference to software protection. Developers of software create some codes that help in making it hard for other people to copy their original work. The NET obfuscator from Skater is one typical example. This obfuscation software utilizes a set of codes that are not easily comprehensible. Mainly, the practice among programmers is to make their programs in a simple way. They then use an obfuscator which makes it hard for another person to copy those programs.

  • The idea behind NET obfuscator [url:] technology is to make programs more secure. In these days when hacking is prevalent, software protection is not an option. As a programmer, the software you create is an intellectual property. If you do not take proactive measures, someone else might use your codes and come up with parallel software. They may end up benefit unfairly from your hard work. Through obfuscation, you are able to protect software from unauthorized people. Only a few people belonging to the software owner’s team are able to read the codes. Besides, using encrypted software hastens the processing speed.

  • You should always bear in mind that any person who is determined to crack your software will still do so. Nonetheless, NET obfuscator ensures that any attempt at reverse engineering is thwarted. That way, no person can get into the product of your intellect easily. Software protection means a lot to any business. You can imagine what would happen if someone gains unauthorized entry into your company’s computer system. There is no telling what such unscrupulous people would do. Some would steal your data and share it with competitors. That would be a big blow to your operations.

  • The Skater .NET software provides code protection in numerous ways. Examples that are worth of mention include mangling names, encoding strings and control flow. Once you have acquired the software, downloading and installing it takes a short time. Usually, this is in the range of 3-5 minutes. You should first talk to your software provider about the needs of your organization. Skater has designed their obfuscating software for use per machine. You can also go for an option that runs from a server. You also need to inquire about technical support. In the event that you need an update every year, this can also be arranged.

  • One last word, you should not forget the way such software works. All it takes is for you to interconnect the program with its appropriate obfuscator. Other people trying to copy the same will see the program working in the way it was intended. What they cannot crack is the intricacies. You can equate this with someone trying to solve a puzzle whose end result does not make any sense. That is how your program’s safety is boosted. Anyone trying to crack your codes will not get through to doing so. It also protects your programs when you are doing upgrades.

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Ben Sinclair

It's generally not a problem that other people can see your software. People can read Harry Potter without it being encoded in base64, but it doesn't mean that many people have tried to pass it off as their own work, and it's kind of the same in software.
Especially true when we're talking about the front end of something, which is useless without the back end - if you're concerned that other people might get ideas from your work, then don't release the back-end code.

On the subject, though, the world would probably be a much better place if people shared their work.