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I've had a bit of experience at a very large company. I much prefer startup. I'm getting experience here that I would not be able to get at a big company (After all, they only hire senior devs, right? 😛) I am also on good terms with all my coworkers, I can talk freely with my boss and offer suggestions or say why one idea might not work. We don't have "office politics". I like that everyone here is on the same level, we do not have executives getting paid several times more and nobody knows what exactly they do.

Sure, sometimes I have to work a little later, but that's nothing compared to the benefit of having a healthy work environment.

Frank Carr mentioned stability, I think that's an important factor as well. Startups are not stable. I'm at a point in my life where the lack of stability is not a problem. If I had roots somewhere, and a family, and no safety net, then I think corporate would be the only choice.

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