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Demo of Figma Auto Layout (Like Flexbox)

If you're a web developer that's been wanting to up your design skills it's never been a better time to learn to use a design tool like Figma.

One of the challenges I had early with Figma was having to manually position and align elements.

It felt strange coming from the browser where the elements automatically stack or sit beside each other.

Luckily Figma just released a new feature: Auto Layout, which should make it easier for developers to work with layouts.

If you're familiar with Flexbox then you'll have an easier time understanding Auto Layout.

Auto Layout will allow your elements to arrange and rearrange themselves inside a Frame (one way to think of Frames is as containers).

You can watch a quick demonstration of Auto Layout showing how to quickly create multiple variations of a "testimonial" element.

Auto Layout Demo

Figma Auto Layout

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